Player and Parent Expectations

It is important for all players/parents to adhere to these expectations so that we have a successful season:

  • We expect all players/cheerleaders to be at all practices. If a player will be absent due to illness, emergency, religious function etc. Please email, call or text Conrad at 309-261-9653 or let their coach know.
  • We expect parents to pick-up their child(ren) ON TIME. We encourage you to stay during practice and watch your child. But if you cannot, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the end of practice. All practices may not finish exactly at 7:30 depending on the specifics of that day’s practice. Later in the year it will get dark before 7:30 and practice will end at an earlier time, therefore we ask that you pay attention and show up prior to dark to pick up your child(ren).
  • Practices can be called early due to bad weather, lightning, etc. We will send an email and update Facebook but PLEASE be cautious of the situation.
  • Parents can stay the entire practice, but sideline coaching takes away the players’ attention, causes problems and is not needed nor will it be accepted. Players should be paying attention to the coaches during all practices and games, rather than looking to a parent on the sidelines.
  • Players will need to be at the game a minimum of 1 hour before the scheduled game start time. Their coaches will let them know the arrival time.


It is important for all player, parents & fans to conduct themselves in a respectful manner

  • Directors, coaches, players, cheerleaders, family members, and spectators that demonstrate behavior that is detrimental to any area program may be removed from that respective game or even the whole program. Police will be called if necessary. Detrimental behavior is physical and/or verbal abuse towards any participant, coach, or official at any time. Vulgar language, physical abuse or gestures WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  • We expect to be informed of any medical conditions that may affect the health of players. Please alert the director/coaches involved.
  • Football equipment is to be used only at Tiger practices and games. Please save our equipment from additional wear and take care of it. Any lost or stolen equipment will be your responsibility for reimbursement to the Tiger organization. $300.00 for football equipment and $100.00 for cheerleader uniforms.